Hunger Games Mockingjay Pin Contest Winner

Hi THG devotees! I’m pretty sure each one of you appreciated the film. Like the usual, some scenes deviated from the book’s story (e.g the pin’s origin) but THG’s still one of the few films which never lost its essence despite the remake.

I’m so sorry for the one-week delay of the winner announcement. It was definitely a tough task for my brother to read all 30 meaningful entries. As he puts it, “Pang beauty pageant Q&A portion lahat ng answers.”  After much deliberating, he chose this answer:

“If I could save one dead Tribute from the Hunger Games, that would probably be Thresh. Thresh for me is a character that stood up in the near last pages of the book; no one knows how he died, but it must have been a death more like of Rue: a heartbreaking one. Thresh for me is a character who has a brotherly-like characteristic, because when he learned that Rue had died in the hands of a career upon hearing Katniss' and Clove's conversation during the feast, he was so aggravated about Rue's death that resulted a fatal blow for Clove; a sign that he must have cared a lot for little Rue. Deep inside of him, Thresh is someone who has a big heart, sensitive and cares for the welfare of other people despite his facade of a person with a strong demeanor. If he lived throughout the series, he will be such an outstanding comrade, a loyal companion, a dear friend and even a protective brotherly figure for Katniss Everdeen.”

Congratulations Rosemoon Abadilla!