A Breakup Survival Kit for a Friend

Going through a breakup is difficult. This isn’t exactly news but it’s true. When a friend called me about her situation, I was close to crying too. It’s tougher when you believe that friend is undeserving of being treated in such manner. 

While time will eventually heal wounds, surely it doesn’t hurt to support your friend on her path to personal recovery. Hearing out your friend is a nice thing, but throwing some care package into the mix is a thoughtful gesture. Here are the contents of my simple breakup survival kit:

February Favorites

Chanel Bonheur #61

I typically stick with pink shades when it comes to lipsticks but this one is gorgeous! While it has shimmers, the lipstick doesn’t look that shiny when applied. The minimal shine eventually wears off leaving the lips with a lasting berry stain. Since it is a part of Chanel’s Hydrating Sheer Lipshine collection, the lipstick’s finish is translucent.