The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios Japan – Worth All the Gold in Gringott’s!

Thirteen years ago, I first came across the tale of The Boy Who Lived. Every Sunday, we used to go to the bookstore and there I saw this little unassuming book. Seven installments later, like all Potterheads, I still find myself enamored of the world J.K. Rowling has conjured.  I’m now in my twenties but I still feel thrilled over new releases, theories, and Buzzfeed articles.

Souvenir Guide: The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios Japan

Theme parks, they say, are tourist traps with their skyrocketing costs of food and souvenirs. Despite this truth, I still love taking home something that will remind me of how happy I was that day. Needless to say, I don’t mind being trapped! 
If you’re heading to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios Japan, here are some of the gifts which you may take home.

A Shy Girl’s Guide to Surviving Parties

I’m not going to sugarcoat it: parties horrify me. Introverts are social people too, but only for a limited time. Since they find happiness in spending time alone or with a group of people they’ve known for years, continuous social events deplete their metaphorical batteries.

I am often asked by my mom and our helper, “How can you manage to stay at home for a long time?” This question baffles me. I commonly respond, “But how can you guys go out every single day?” Social gatherings are inevitable and here’s how you can survive parties without abhorring them.

A Breakup Survival Kit for a Friend

Going through a breakup is difficult. This isn’t exactly news but it’s true. When a friend called me about her situation, I was close to crying too. It’s tougher when you believe that friend is undeserving of being treated in such manner. 

While time will eventually heal wounds, surely it doesn’t hurt to support your friend on her path to personal recovery. Hearing out your friend is a nice thing, but throwing some care package into the mix is a thoughtful gesture. Here are the contents of my simple breakup survival kit:

February Favorites

Chanel Bonheur #61

I typically stick with pink shades when it comes to lipsticks but this one is gorgeous! While it has shimmers, the lipstick doesn’t look that shiny when applied. The minimal shine eventually wears off leaving the lips with a lasting berry stain. Since it is a part of Chanel’s Hydrating Sheer Lipshine collection, the lipstick’s finish is translucent.

Kasalang Tagaytay 2016: Where Suppliers from the South Own the Spotlight

Given the soaring fame of Tagaytay when it comes to weddings, it’s a delight to see an affair like Kasalang Tagaytay that puts the spotlight on wedding suppliers from the South. The event was wonderful! Apart from the booths' charming decors, the suppliers were pleasant. We previously went to a bridal fair in Rockwell and this one was just as intimate. 

All about That Lace: A Piece for Zalora Community

Searching for lace-accented pieces used to be a struggle as this material existed primarily for the elderly. Fortunately, this intricately detailed textile increased in popularity. So much so that pulling off a lace adorned ensemble became easier to achieve. Here are some quick and easy styling tips to keep in mind if your aim is to look chic and romantic in lace!”

Isla de Gigantes Guide for Thrill-seekers

There I was having the time of my life swimming and feeling like a pseudo mermaid when I saw Jade, our Isla de Gigantes guide, shaking off sand from my Birkenstocks. I told him not to do it as they would eventually become soiled again. “Baka madulas po kasi kayo,” he meekly responded.

48 Hours in Baguio

Baguio is a place close to my heart after living there for five years. I might have been to numerous special places but Baguio remained different. My social media feeds might have photos of adventures from many cities but Baguio’s still my happy pill. When I’m sad, it’s the place I regularly yearn to be in.