A Breakup Survival Kit for a Friend

Going through a breakup is difficult. This isn’t exactly news but it’s true. When a friend called me about her situation, I was close to crying too. It’s tougher when you believe that friend is undeserving of being treated in such manner. 

While time will eventually heal wounds, surely it doesn’t hurt to support your friend on her path to personal recovery. Hearing out your friend is a nice thing, but throwing some care package into the mix is a thoughtful gesture. Here are the contents of my simple breakup survival kit:

A movie that falls under the rom-com or tearjerker category
I apologized to my friend for sending Atonement. Haha. It’s a stressful flick and I know I could’ve sent something funny like The House Bunny or She’s Out of My League. You can also include a series that will allow your friend to go on a marathon and stop thinking of He-Who-We-Shouldn’t-Talk-About.

A comfortable sweater
There are days when you don’t want to get out of the bed, and that’s okay. For that ultimate “bedcation,” why not have your friend wear something comfortable? Apart from oversized sweaters, you can try socks and jammies with quirky prints.

There is nothing chocolates cannot cure, I hope. I added some Gummy bears to let her know that life’s unBEARable (I know, it’s cheesy) without the cheerful A that we all know.

A journal
Heartbreak brings out the artist in us. How else can you explain the heap of hugots that we read or hear daily? Give your friend a pocket-sized journal for her to write down things she wanted to say to He-Who-We-Shouldn’t-Talk-About. Who knows? The material she came up with may be worthy of a merit normally reserved for Adele.

A cucumber product
The cucumber face mask is for days when she wants to hide all the puffiness (from crying).

Be as creative as you can when putting together a breakup survival kit for a friend. Don’t forget to include an uplifting letter. Think of the things that you wanted to hear when you were going through the same thing. Here are other things that you can include in a breakup survival kit for a friend: