Holiday Inn Clark Staycation

While sunbathing in an isolated beach and experiencing another country's culture seem euphoric, such kind of trips call for rigorous planning. What if it's a Friday and you suddenly craved to be in a soothing environment? For spur-of-the-moment vacation cravings, a staycation will serve as your best friend.

What's in My Bag

My bag is such a far cry from all the contents of my high school bag. I still shudder whenever I remember all those glittery and feathery things that I have amassed as a teeny bopper! Throughout the years, I have learned how to get rid of excess baggage. Apart from its literal context, weeding out insignificant loads in your life can make everything less onerous. 

My Overused Office Shoes

Being clad in corporate wear does not mean that you're not entitled to be stylish. Gone are the days wherein office wear meant shapeless outfits. Despite the transition in corporate wear trend, my choice for shoes remains basic. 

That Grateful List

Photo: That moment when you asked your man to stop spoiling you with flowers simply because you couldn't eat them yet he still showed up in your office first thing in the morning saying, "Ayan, dinalhan kita ng bouquet na nakakain." Thank you for pulling an all-nighter just to create this witty surprise. <3

As a girl whose hunger never seems to be satiated, I remember telling my man, "Babe, stop spoiling me with flowers. They're pretty but I cannot eat them. Sayang." It's not being ungrateful, it's being practical! :P To my surprise, he brought me this present while quipping, "Ayan, dinalhan kita ng bouquet na nakakain." What touches me is the fact that he pulled an all-nighter just to create this when he could have bought it easily. At times, I wonder about the things I did to deserve such a good man.