Pseudo Zookeepers for a Day

My dad has this belief that failing to love animals means that one part of you remains unfulfilled. As much as we want to have 10 dogs in our house, my mom does not really find the idea fascinating. For her, having two spoiled dogs is already a handful. 

Seeing animals is something that my dad, brother, and I are fond of doing but going to zoos? Not so much. Imagine caged animals with their helpless eyes expressing sadness. Not an attractive picture, isn't it? However, Residence Inn in Tagaytay is quite different (although cages are still present).
Like a boss, baby Neyo?

BTS for AVA's Shoot + Pieces That Make AVA a Mesmerizing Marketplace

Here's a quick peek of what took place last Saturday at Bulb Studios for AVA's InstaGlam shoot. I'm thankful beyond words to meet the wonderful and talented team behind AVA. Not only it is the home of beautiful things but of nice people as well! Despite my jittery demeanor (coffee+sleepless night+two-hour drive = not a healthy combination at all), I never felt any pressure from the whole team. 

Glamorous Veronica & Girl-Next-Door Betty for MAC Cosmetics

When I was nine, there was a box underneath my reading couch containing different comics about Archie and his gang. Two characters that I'm truly fond of are Betty and Veronica.  These two girls care for each other so much yet for some reason, they also live up to the endless blonde-versus-brunette rivalry.  Maybe it's just me but Betty and Veronica's friendship reminds me of Serena and Blair!