Glamorous Veronica & Girl-Next-Door Betty for MAC Cosmetics

When I was nine, there was a box underneath my reading couch containing different comics about Archie and his gang. Two characters that I'm truly fond of are Betty and Veronica.  These two girls care for each other so much yet for some reason, they also live up to the endless blonde-versus-brunette rivalry.  Maybe it's just me but Betty and Veronica's friendship reminds me of Serena and Blair! 

Back then, whenever my eyes got tired from reading books,  I just flip through the comics and I instantly receive good vibes.  Even if I don't hoard the comics anymore, I feel thrilled  that Archie Comics has partnered with MAC Cosmetics for the creation of a line called "MAC Archie's Girls"! 

Just like the Wonder Woman, Venomous Villains, Hello Kity, and Barbie collections, I'm pretty sure that this line will be a hit! According to the publisher of Archie Comics, the line will be created to pay homage to Betty and Veronica's iconic looks.  

Probably Veronica's collection will radiate a glamorous appeal while Betty's will have the girl-next-door charm. The collection is set to be released next spring (around March 2013).  

Whose collection are you eagerly desirous of - Betty or Veronica?