Stylish September Accessories Giveaway (Open Internationally)

Hi dolls! If you're like me who has a penchant for accessories with vintage appeal, then you might want to join this giveaway. Up for grabs are six pieces of accessories apt for your stylish September! Consider this giveaway as an outlet of my excitement knowing that Christmas is in a few months' time. For you to join this giveaway, kindly refer to the Rafflecopter widget below. One winner will be picked on October 19. Thanks and good luck! 

Clever Finds: Barbie Trinket Holder Turned Make-up Case

In my line of work wherein you'll never know which event will come up, it truly pays to be equipped with the basics. This is why I love my ever-reliable LV Speedy to bits. It doesn't look elephantine but it can hold my essentials - from my laptop down to my rollable flats. As one of my schoolmates quipped before, "Your bag's a monster!". When it comes to make-up cases, my standard is pretty much the same: choose something that's roomy but not bulky. 

Disney Stars Remarkably Rockin' Manila

If there’s something that I cannot forget about Disney, it is its unexplainable effect to people of all ages. Whether you’re four or forty, the happiness of Disney’s whole gang is so contagious! Yesterday’s Disney Live! Mickey's Rockin' Road Show was so delightful that even the soft-spoken girl in me couldn’t help but holler out. Ready for some Disney star-sighting?

Beauty Review: Oryspa Champorado Scrub

One of my guy friends once grumbled, "Can you enlighten me why women have a lot of anik-anik when they're taking a bath? It's just cleaning yourself!" The anik-anik pertains to the paraphernalia women make use of when they're bathing. I remember stifling a laugh and disagreeing that bath time wasn't just a cleaning routine. For me, it's a time to think. You go into the washroom drearily and step out feeling like a recharged Super Girl. 

What Your Purse Says about You

Bags will always be great obsessions of a woman. She treats them as precious possessions that call for their own pamper-me times (oh hello, leather cleaning!). While bags can be reckoned as mere indulgences, do you know that they can likewise reveal something about you? 

I came across How to Tell a Woman by Her Handbag penned by Kathryn Eisman. Her witty book aims to uncover what bags tell about their carriers - from the satchel-clutching corporate women to the Hermes-carrying heiress. In Eisman’s view,  these bags say something about their owners:

Slouchy, oversized bags

Laters, Baby: Four Guys I Envision Saying This

What if you find yourself entranced by someone who's just too different from you?

This is the conflict in E.L. James's "50 Shades of Grey" which  in a matter of three months has emerged to be one of literary world's "controversial" books.  Some people think that the book is merely a Twilight ripoff only with different characters in a normal vampire-free world.  Others think that the trilogy is titillating but still lacks depth. There are those who see the books as nothing but over-hyped and adjective-repeating novels. I have so-so feelings for the trilogy (although I loved the last book, Freed) but for it to generate these buzz-kills, it means that it is interesting in its own way.

I think one of the factors that makes the book so gripping is Christian Grey himself. He's this man whose tortured past fuels him to be a controlling person in so many ways particularly behind closed doors.

The author herself confirmed that there's an upcoming movie adaptation. Even if there's no word yet about the characters, the cast will definitely make or break the movie. Speculations about the actor who's gonna play Mr. Grey are rife.  I'm not in any way a casting director but surely it's fun to take a guess. 

Ryan Gosling aka The Man with the "Photoshopped" Abs in Crazy Stupid Love
Doesn't he look dapper in a suit? Every inch of him radiates the appeal of a 
business magnate.

Marry Me at Marriott?

Hi lovelies! Who disagrees that weddings are not magical affairs? Regardless of a wedding's simplicity, the thought and effort put into it are amazing. I had the chance to attend a wedding fair at Marriott Manila last August 25. It was a two-day event exhibiting the country's classiest wedding merchants. From wedding bands to layered cakes, everything that will make a to-wed couple's heart giddy was there.