Beauty Review: Oryspa Champorado Scrub

One of my guy friends once grumbled, "Can you enlighten me why women have a lot of anik-anik when they're taking a bath? It's just cleaning yourself!" The anik-anik pertains to the paraphernalia women make use of when they're bathing. I remember stifling a laugh and disagreeing that bath time wasn't just a cleaning routine. For me, it's a time to think. You go into the washroom drearily and step out feeling like a recharged Super Girl. 

For this reason, I don't mind hoarding bath bombs, sweet-smelling scrubs, soy candles, and frothy creams. Oryspa's Champorado Scrub took my attention for it was inspired by the succulent Filipino dessert. You hear chocolate mousse scrubs, mocha coffee scrubs, almond scrubs but Champorado? That's definitely uncommon! 

What it says:

"Inspired by the sweet rice porridge. Apricot-infused and chocolate scented. Softens as it moisturizes your face and body leaving them soft and supple." - Oryspa

What I  about it:
  • It has lots of fine "grains" which are essential to soften rough parts and slough off dead skin. 
  • While it is infused with rice bran oil, the scrub does not leave a sticky residue.
  • It leaves skin silky but not oily - a balanced exfoliation without the greasiness.
  • The Champorado's scent is so natural and realistic! It's not like other chocolate-smelling products that have fake overpowering scents.

What makes me feel uncertain about it:
  • The scrub dissolves easily which makes it not enough for those who are after heavy exfoliation. Perhaps it's meant to be that way since the product is likewise for the face which needs a gentler formulation. For bigger and harder granules, you can try Philosophy's Big Skinny Chocolate Scrub.