Laters, Baby: Four Guys I Envision Saying This

What if you find yourself entranced by someone who's just too different from you?

This is the conflict in E.L. James's "50 Shades of Grey" which  in a matter of three months has emerged to be one of literary world's "controversial" books.  Some people think that the book is merely a Twilight ripoff only with different characters in a normal vampire-free world.  Others think that the trilogy is titillating but still lacks depth. There are those who see the books as nothing but over-hyped and adjective-repeating novels. I have so-so feelings for the trilogy (although I loved the last book, Freed) but for it to generate these buzz-kills, it means that it is interesting in its own way.

I think one of the factors that makes the book so gripping is Christian Grey himself. He's this man whose tortured past fuels him to be a controlling person in so many ways particularly behind closed doors.

The author herself confirmed that there's an upcoming movie adaptation. Even if there's no word yet about the characters, the cast will definitely make or break the movie. Speculations about the actor who's gonna play Mr. Grey are rife.  I'm not in any way a casting director but surely it's fun to take a guess. 

Ryan Gosling aka The Man with the "Photoshopped" Abs in Crazy Stupid Love
Doesn't he look dapper in a suit? Every inch of him radiates the appeal of a 
business magnate.

Colin Egglesfield aka The Alluring Attorney in Something Borrowed
He's someone whose personality looks difficult to 
disentangle which exactly embodies Mr. Grey's mystery.
His dreamy smile is likewise infectious. 

Ian Somerhalder aka Dashing Damon in Vampire Diaries
Mr. Grey is famed for his bewitching gaze and no other
actor befits this description than Ian. Also,  he is the
only actor to date who expresses great interest in taking
the role of ChristIAN. 

Sean Faris aka Tom Cruise's Long-lost Son
He's the last one here because I really envision Mr. Grey as Sean!
He has a gentle face which seems to tell a lot of things and
such kind of profoundness is Mr. Grey's major trait. 

I'm just not sure if the film will be released here because of its 
salacious content.  Nonetheless, if you're done with the book,

who's your pick for Christian Grey?