Birthday Wishlist

Another Set of Wings

"Walk away from something the minute you stopped loving it." When I watched last night’s episode of New Girl, I was merely expecting chuckles but what I got was an affirmation that I have chosen the right path.

Singapore Diaries: Singapore Zoo and Its Unshackled Creatures

I have a love and hate relationship with zoos. I detest how they imprison animals but at the same time, I wouldn’t develop such fascination with animals if not for zoos. Those rare times that I open my television? If not series, it’ll probably be tuned in to Animal Planet

Singapore earned my respect because its progressive state did not hinder it from protecting its mute inhabitants. Singapore Zoo certainly lived up to its “World Best Rainforest Zoo” title. The “no-cage” policy amazed me! Plants and rocks were mostly the barriers between the visitors and animals. The animals seem comfortable in their clean enclosures. I wish more countries will emulate the zoo’s handling of its animals instead of treating them as mere displays.

Singapore in Boxes

I’m in heels most of the time but scoring this pair of Keds espadrilles changed that. This pair was my ally during our five-day trip. John Green’s “Papertowns,” on the other hand, kept me awake while waiting for our early-morning flight.