Another Set of Wings

"Walk away from something the minute you stopped loving it." When I watched last night’s episode of New Girl, I was merely expecting chuckles but what I got was an affirmation that I have chosen the right path.

It’s been a month since I have left my job for a hotels group. I remember dreading the days leading to my resignation. Those demeaning things I have heard about the corporate world? My company didn’t have them.  I love my colleagues. Those days when I feel like everything’s becoming mundane? All I need is to think about them and I would quickly shun the idea of an escape.

It’s just not fair because I know I am not putting my heart into my tasks anymore. I feel like I have reached my saturation point and I never liked the idea of not giving my all. It’s a late realization but how you do your work should be a testimony of His grace in your life.

I loved my previous company that it somehow transitioned into my little security blanket. I didn’t want to let go but I wanted to see what’s life for me once I unclasp from it. 

What’s next for me?

The thing is, I don’t want to formulate my answer for the sake of having one. While I regularly update my bucket list, I know that I don’t want to move simply because the rest of the herd has settled for that direction.

We do not get much say on how long we’ll stay here but it’s significant to drill on the fact that we can be in charge of how we’ll direct our lives. At times, a shift in perspective is just what we need to make us see what we’re missing out.