Birthday Wishlist

Tuxedo blazers in various shades: Those times when I feel lazy to dress up,  tuxedo blazers can do wonders. I can wear a white shirt underneath and still have the aura of Olivia Palermo (just the aura!).  Since malls these days are teeming with Christmas shoppers, I’m thankful that I chanced upon Zalora and its selection of stylish tops. Apart from blazers, I’ll surely throw in a couple of peplum tops and chiffon blouses in my shopping cart.

More books: Nothing beats the feeling of holding real pages!

Mirrorless camera and/or sports camera: 
I’ve been meaning to ditch my bulky SLR (evident in my wishlist TWO years ago). I’m crossing my fingers that for our next major travel in June, I’ll be able to roam around with just a satchel. The sports camera is for my surfing and diving trips with Aujen.

Hillsong conference ticket: 
This might be far from happening since we’re headed to a different destination in June. Still, I won’t forget that night when Hillsong United visited Manila! My excitement won’t falter even if I might attend the Hillsong Conference 201x. It’s in Sydney as well which equates to surfing time.

Watercolor and calligraphy tools: 
Not knowing how to draw is one of my frustrations. My friends say I have a nice penmanship though which I hope I can take to the next level.

Tempur pillow: They say you’re getting older when you’re asking for a Tempur pillow but it’s fine with me. This will truly help my crazy sleeping habits.