Wardrobe Makeovers of Your Well-loved Disney Characters

Gone are the days wherein characters from Disney are only clad in frocks. Disneybound gives a new meaning to “castle couture” by creating fashion boards inspired by storybook characters. Hundreds of styles are posted on the website but here are the ones that caught my fancy:

Dream-sprinkled Cupcakes

What’s more heartwarming than spending a Saturday with your face smeared with flour and your hands spattered with icing while kids excitedly recount their dreams? 


As the Balloons Stand Still

I can vividly remember that night before the 17th Hot Air Balloon Festival. With my excitement meter crazily swaying, I made sure that my bag’s fully-equipped. Camera, check. Wayfarers, check. Binoculars, check. I even felt a tinge of regret for not buying the zebra-printed kite from Toy Kingdom. But then, there’s no way I would spend a thousand bucks for a throwaway embellished kite.

Hunger Games Mockingjay Pin Giveaway

Disclaimer: Enter only when you’re a true-blue THG lover.

Ten days from now, The Hunger Games will finally unleash its brilliance onscreen. Millions of fans worldwide will have a mind-blowing treat because the film’s running time is 142 minutes! I’m thrilled to watch how the creators will give life to the happenings in the arena. Katniss and Peeta’s love story’s unfolding in the midst of the fierce battle likewise excites me. The only thing that breaks my heart is that Finnick’s not yet in the first film. We still have to wait until November 2013 (Catching Fire’s slated release) to have a glimpse of him. Since the Mockingjay symbol plays a pivotal role in the trilogy, Laces and Tiaras will be giving away something reminiscent of it- a pin! The prize will be purchased from Junkyard.


A Glimpse of the Super Sale Bazaar 2012

Clothes, cosmetics, bags, shoes, and keepsakes at discounted prices. These are the reasons why the Super Sale Bazaar continues to be a smashing success each year. With over a hundred stalls that retail stylish and quirky finds, a shopper can easily be overwhelmed (and have an abused wallet ;p). This year’s bazaar happened last weekend at World Trade Center.