As the Balloons Stand Still

I can vividly remember that night before the 17th Hot Air Balloon Festival. With my excitement meter crazily swaying, I made sure that my bag’s fully-equipped. Camera, check. Wayfarers, check. Binoculars, check. I even felt a tinge of regret for not buying the zebra-printed kite from Toy Kingdom. But then, there’s no way I would spend a thousand bucks for a throwaway embellished kite.

Since my boyfriend’s house is just an hour away from Clark, his mom decided that it’s best to leave at 5AM. It’s nice that we arrived at the open area before sunrise but…we weren’t able to catch the balloons’ flight. *sigh*

Good thing the pencil balloon was still there. ;D

We were late for 10 minutes because we went through our packed breakfast right away. You really cannot blame our tummies because when you’re in Pampanga, believe me, it’s always a feast. While we were watching the halfway gone balloons, I just found myself wishing, “Dear Balloonists, I hope you’d make a U-turn.”
Apart from the hot-air balloons, the ground was crammed with sports cars and military paraphernalia. I instantly became the photographer of the three guys I’m with.

The rest of the morning was spent on a shopping binge. It was a nifty decision because the dollar shops within Clark area were impressive. They might look old-fashioned from the outside but the lines of merchandise speak otherwise. 
Fries + Kabigting’s Halo-Halo = simple yet a satisfying duo
Next February, I vow not to be lured by food so that the balloons wouldn’t leave me. ;p
Have a wonderful Saturday!