WickeRmoss's Chic Clinique Party

Last year, in one of my Journalism classes, I decided to report about companies that test their products on animals. It was a very enlightening discussion because of the tormenting photos which I showed. I likewise distributed a “Do Test/Don’t Test” list of companies directly downloaded from Leaping BunnyFrom thereon, I made a mental note to only support beauty companies that abhor animal torture. Clinique’s one of the companies that fall under the category of “Don’t Test”.

Butterfly Blog Award and a Story aout Me

This Butterfly Award was given to me by Ms. Marika of A Fashionista and Ms. Kai of Brew of the Day. Thank you!  The rule's simple. Write about yourself.  I don’t know where to start so I might as well go with the basics first and see where it takes me.

I’m 19. I studied Communication and majored in Journalism. I’m studying Fashion Styling and Merchandising now but never Fashion Design because I draw like a kid. I’m more of an afternoon-type-of-girl-who-loves-to-have-coffee-with-friends-and-stay-at-home instead of a party-girl-who-stays-up-until-the-wee-hours-of-the-morning. Yes, I’m also quite a nocturnal but I devote my time to reading books, watching series and films, contemplating about life (more like daydreaming), and anything that catches my heart – from serious down to the nonsensical ones.

I love collecting make-up but I always end up giving them because my loyalty belongs only to moisturizer and eyeliner. Looking for that perfect eyeliner which fulfills its promise to not smudge has always been challenging for me so if you have any recommendations, please tell me. I consider my fashion sense quite safe because I’m always in black and neutral shades. I hoard shoes but most of my purchases are black pumps in varying heights and finishes. Dainty accessories also inspire me.

Je t'aime Paris? - Why Paris Can Be a Nightmare for Some

No one can deny that Paris is a compelling city that never fails to exude romance and sophistication. Amelie, Devil Wears Prada, and Gossip Girl  these are just some of the visual treats which make us think that Paris must really be that inspiring. Of course, French fashion also plays a pivotal role here. Who wouldn’t want to walk on cobbled streets, browse chic Parisian couture houses, and munch on cream-filled macarons? For some reason, we find ourselves smitten by the magical city which embraces the “live and let live” philosophy.

Shopping for Everyday Perfume 101

It’s school season again and I can’t help but remember my high school days wherein it’s a must for me to purchase a new perfume as much as it is necessary for me to shop for school shoes, bags, notebooks, and pens. It’s like a self-tradition because I somehow feel a tinge of excitement going back to school with a new scent.