Wingardium Leviosa! Let Your Imagination Fly with These Harry Potter-Inspired Events

As the whole Harry Potter team wraps up the final volume of the epic wizardry series, I’m sure 9754326578192 fans are still under the OMG-HP-is-over-what-am-I-gonna-do? spell. More than ten years ago, I remember seeing hundreds of little brown paperbacks inside National Book Store’s glass shelves during one of my weekend book shopping trips. They were fresh commodities then so there’s no way I would let go of a copy. 

ZEN Stay Alert Coffee Mint - a Calming All-Nighter Accessory

Hi dolls, how’s your weekend so far? I wasn't able to be online for just a few days yet I felt like missing on so many things already. Apart from writing stuff, reading has been taking so much of my time and hence, the reason for my blogging hiatus. More than clothes, shoes, and beauty products, books really consume my biggest budget allocation every month. Nothing beats the feeling of reading under faint yellow-tinted lights while devouring sweets.

My July Must-Read List

My Five Classic Film Picks for Melodramatic Rainy Days

Just when I started to feel delight over the sun’s heat, Mr. Rain started to pour again last night.  It seems that my energy level madly goes down when it’s raining. Hence, rainy days spell not-so-unproductive days for me. It will always be one of my life’s big conundrums but that’s okay for I feel extremely relaxed after a much-needed rainy-day rest. Instead of finishing my tasks, I give up everything to stay in bed, feast on Nutella and Stik-o jars, read books, and watch series or classic films.

Speaking of classic films, there’s something in them which makes me feel good. It seems that these movies have “fashionspirations” in every scene that’s just waiting to be found, adapted, and re-made only with a modern panache.

There will always be scenes that stick in our minds so here’s my simple breakdown of the timeless gems which I can’t get enough of.