Hardcore Ballerinas

It's very rare to see me go out of the house whenever it's my rest day. By all means, I prefer to stay at home catching up on series, smothering my dogs, and devouring "real" meals which my condo kitchen unfortunately does not have.  Since I similarly love to waste my time Buzzfeed-ing and Thought Catalog-ing, allow me to re-post this photo set which presented the truth about ballet in its rawest form. Donna Dickens, you definitely nailed it.

Ballerinas literally put their entire body weight on their big toes.

This is What Happy Looks Like

At times, people tend to exhaust themselves in their pursuit of happiness. I know I am likewise a victim of such paradox. It’s when you give so much fuss to the littlest of things because you have these skyrocketing standards of how happiness should look or feel like. We tend to forget that at times, it’s the simple and unnoticeable things that yield contentment. 

This post has been inspired by a book which recently charmed me. While it’s an insurmountable task to sum up all the things that make me happy in a single post, it’s still refreshing to create a list that will remind you of the famed “vivre l'amour de la vie” philosophy.

To be happy is to take delight in the serenity of water…