‘cause It’s Never Too Early for Christmas

For most parts, pleasing kids has always been easy. Take them to McDonalds and they’ll smile as if they’re in a first-rate restaurant. Listen to their stories no matter how mundane or imaginative and they’ll give you an irresistible smile. Yes, they can have tantrums that root from the deepest parts of nowhere but even if they can be little Veruca Salts at times, nothing you do for them is ever wasted.

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Be a Child's Hope with Wish Postcards

Have you ever thought about kids without a future? No matter how endearing they are, the chance of them reaching their third, seventh or eighteenth birthdays is hazy. Depressing? Definitely. But it doesn't mean that they are not entitled to blissful experiences.

Make-a-Wish Philippines is a non-profit foundation which aims to grant the wishes of children with life-threatening illnesses. The wishes range from material things like bicycles and computers to actual experiences like meeting a certain celebrity or being a fashion designer for a day.

This Yule season, Make-a-Wish launches its limited edition Wish postcards bearing original illustrations from talented artists. Some designs include:
Starsurf by Dan Matutina

Living Life to the Fullest: Belle de Jour 2011 Fair

Imagine a high-style afternoon with plenty of fun thrown in – that’s what Belle de Jour events are. For the past week, I’ve been so keyed up with the 2012 planner launch. Last Sunday, I asked two of my cousins and my boyfriend to accompany me to Eastwood Mall Open Park. We left my house at 11AM and thank heavens there was no heavy traffic so we arrived at the venue after two hours.

Beauty and Butter Treat

Last Saturday, my boyfriend visited our house and since his weekday work was very rigorous, we decided to explore Mall of Asia’s south wing for indulging treats. It’s very difficult to choose because the wing houses a lot of shops such as California Day Spa and Nail-a-Holics. He wanted a massage and I needed a pedicure. We opted instead for Beauty and Butter and availed an 85-minute package consisting of pedicure, foot reflexology, and head massage.

Delightful Skin Cravings

“For skin so soft to be bitten, smells so sweet to be eaten!”

That’s what the tag line of Skin Cravings claims. I really like food-scented products (particularly vanilla) but it’s never easy to look for an item that doesn’t annoy my nose. You know those products whose (exaggerated) whiffs are enough to give you dizzy spells? Skin Cravings is different. Even if each bottle seems to be laced with milk and sugary fruits, the scent won’t wind you up.

Skindulgence: A Treat for Southerners

Girls (and some guys) truly understand the value of pampering time. After all, the pay-off for soothing the mind and body is a happier person. For some it can be a new nail color or a freshly-whipped facial mask but as for me, nothing beats the power of a classic massage.

Being a patron of delightful massages and reflexologies, I instantly got swayed when my former schoolmate posted advertisements for their newly-opened family business, SkindulgenceI booked an appointment almost two weeks ago but I wasn’t able to come because of my post-reflexology cramps. Last Sunday, I asked my family to try the spa’s services with me. 

Bewitched By Baguio's Lucid Charm

The city's definitely a place that I’ll always miss. It might be devoid of skyscrapers but just the feeling of being there spells a subtle bliss. Last weekend, I was able to revisit the city to fix some of my school documents. Since I haven’t been there for seven months, I was really looking forward for the trip. However, thanks to typhoon Pedring, I was forced to stay indoors most of the time.

I lived in Baguio for four years and the whole experience was heavenly but like the usual, the typhoon gave chills on my spine. I think it’s really the fog that creeps me out for it weakens my visibility of the surrounding. Thankfully, during my first “re-visitation” day, the storm signal didn’t escalate yet to number three so I was still able to squeeze in some of my whims.

Library Envy:The Hunt for a Perfect Bookcase

“People who love books also carry an abiding lust for bookshelves.” – LA Times

For the longest time, I’ve been yearning to have new bookshelves but the purchase doesn’t always end up successful. Either the shelves are way too plain or way too bulky. Last week, I was given permission to convert an unused room as an “official” haven for my books and magazines. It means no more book stacks on my bedroom floor, on boring black cases, and in my luggage bags.

French Label Launches Girls' Lingerie Line - Hit or Miss?

As a student who used to be nine hours away from home, watching TV series definitely became one of my stress relievers. Toddlers and Tiaras is something that I truly find irresistible. Sometimes, I even imagine my future princess joining contests for enjoyment though the idea of girls wearing falsies and being waxed makes me cringe. 

Jours Après Lunes, a French label, is currently receiving condemnation from concerned parties because of a newly-released lingerie line targeting girls aged four to twelve.

Weekend Haul from Pampanga

This past week has been quite intense for me simply because my dad’s going back to Europe next week. My dad’s yearly vacation usually takes two months but for this year, it’s different. A few months ago, his newly-renewed license was stolen, that’s why his company halted his departure. As a result, he was able to stay off-board for nine months. Needless to say, my glee can’t be explained. It's a blessing wrapped in a bizarre way.
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Wingardium Leviosa! Let Your Imagination Fly with These Harry Potter-Inspired Events

As the whole Harry Potter team wraps up the final volume of the epic wizardry series, I’m sure 9754326578192 fans are still under the OMG-HP-is-over-what-am-I-gonna-do? spell. More than ten years ago, I remember seeing hundreds of little brown paperbacks inside National Book Store’s glass shelves during one of my weekend book shopping trips. They were fresh commodities then so there’s no way I would let go of a copy. 

ZEN Stay Alert Coffee Mint - a Calming All-Nighter Accessory

Hi dolls, how’s your weekend so far? I wasn't able to be online for just a few days yet I felt like missing on so many things already. Apart from writing stuff, reading has been taking so much of my time and hence, the reason for my blogging hiatus. More than clothes, shoes, and beauty products, books really consume my biggest budget allocation every month. Nothing beats the feeling of reading under faint yellow-tinted lights while devouring sweets.

My July Must-Read List

My Five Classic Film Picks for Melodramatic Rainy Days

Just when I started to feel delight over the sun’s heat, Mr. Rain started to pour again last night.  It seems that my energy level madly goes down when it’s raining. Hence, rainy days spell not-so-unproductive days for me. It will always be one of my life’s big conundrums but that’s okay for I feel extremely relaxed after a much-needed rainy-day rest. Instead of finishing my tasks, I give up everything to stay in bed, feast on Nutella and Stik-o jars, read books, and watch series or classic films.

Speaking of classic films, there’s something in them which makes me feel good. It seems that these movies have “fashionspirations” in every scene that’s just waiting to be found, adapted, and re-made only with a modern panache.

There will always be scenes that stick in our minds so here’s my simple breakdown of the timeless gems which I can’t get enough of.

WickeRmoss's Chic Clinique Party

Last year, in one of my Journalism classes, I decided to report about companies that test their products on animals. It was a very enlightening discussion because of the tormenting photos which I showed. I likewise distributed a “Do Test/Don’t Test” list of companies directly downloaded from Leaping BunnyFrom thereon, I made a mental note to only support beauty companies that abhor animal torture. Clinique’s one of the companies that fall under the category of “Don’t Test”.

Butterfly Blog Award and a Story aout Me

This Butterfly Award was given to me by Ms. Marika of A Fashionista and Ms. Kai of Brew of the Day. Thank you!  The rule's simple. Write about yourself.  I don’t know where to start so I might as well go with the basics first and see where it takes me.

I’m 19. I studied Communication and majored in Journalism. I’m studying Fashion Styling and Merchandising now but never Fashion Design because I draw like a kid. I’m more of an afternoon-type-of-girl-who-loves-to-have-coffee-with-friends-and-stay-at-home instead of a party-girl-who-stays-up-until-the-wee-hours-of-the-morning. Yes, I’m also quite a nocturnal but I devote my time to reading books, watching series and films, contemplating about life (more like daydreaming), and anything that catches my heart – from serious down to the nonsensical ones.

I love collecting make-up but I always end up giving them because my loyalty belongs only to moisturizer and eyeliner. Looking for that perfect eyeliner which fulfills its promise to not smudge has always been challenging for me so if you have any recommendations, please tell me. I consider my fashion sense quite safe because I’m always in black and neutral shades. I hoard shoes but most of my purchases are black pumps in varying heights and finishes. Dainty accessories also inspire me.

Je t'aime Paris? - Why Paris Can Be a Nightmare for Some

No one can deny that Paris is a compelling city that never fails to exude romance and sophistication. Amelie, Devil Wears Prada, and Gossip Girl  these are just some of the visual treats which make us think that Paris must really be that inspiring. Of course, French fashion also plays a pivotal role here. Who wouldn’t want to walk on cobbled streets, browse chic Parisian couture houses, and munch on cream-filled macarons? For some reason, we find ourselves smitten by the magical city which embraces the “live and let live” philosophy.

Shopping for Everyday Perfume 101

It’s school season again and I can’t help but remember my high school days wherein it’s a must for me to purchase a new perfume as much as it is necessary for me to shop for school shoes, bags, notebooks, and pens. It’s like a self-tradition because I somehow feel a tinge of excitement going back to school with a new scent.

Beauty Review: Victoria's Secret Very Sexy Lipstick

While I love pink shades of lipstick, I initially bought this VS Very Sexy in "Be Mine" shade primarily because of its packaging's cuteness.. The lipstick's case is so small that it can fit into your jean's pockets and the color combination of hot pink-black is enticing.

Happy 76th Birthday Mr. Men and Little Misses Creator Roger Hargreaves!

Today is supposedly the 76th birthday of Roger Hargreaves, the British writer and illustrator of the Mr. Men and Little Miss book series. To date, the books have 84 witty characters. Everything started in 1971 when Hargreaves was asked by his six-year-old son, "What does a tickle look like?" He immediately imagined a man with a huge grin, drew it, and as they say, the rest is history.

The first drawn character

Girls Gone Wild: The Terror Real-Life Mean Girls Bring

I've been reading Alice Sebold's "Lovely Bones" for a week now and I must say that young deaths really break my heart. This book makes me think about deaths that were inflicted by humans. Yes, there's murder but what about bullycide? In this time and age, bullying isn't inflicted anymore by the menaces of childhood playground. There are real Regina Georges out there - lots of them. I've been reading painful stories about teenagers who were bullied so much that they decided to escape by taking their own lives. 

Childhood Whatnot Haul

I'm nineteen already but I still find princess-y stuff too-cute-to-be-resisted. During a recent trip with my boyfriend, we entered Club Princess and I just couldn't go out without buying something. However, since I'm reading Liz Perle's "Money - a Memoir on Women, Emotions, and Cash", I promised myself to just buy one thing two things.

The first one's a kyootie-patootie sleep mask which for me seems to have cat eyelashes.

Nars Cap Ferrat Trio vs. Gosh Ocean Drive Trio

Like some girls, I tend to be daunted by the idea of experimenting with eyeshadows. For some reason, I feel that it can make me look overly done. I have stacks of eye pots and palettes but I always end up using them for other people. Needless to say, I’m more of an eyeliner-mascara girl. However, there’s an exception because some eyeshadows are simply too cute to be resisted like the Nars Alpes-Maritimes-inspired Cap Ferrat Trio Eyeshadow.

Summer Giveaway

Hello beauties! Summer is here so I thought I might put some sort of giveaway. 

Thanks to my closet and dresser for sponsoring this giveaway! Anyway, everything’s unused so please read all the rules before you enter.

Baguio City's Blooming Bazaar

Bazaars. Who doesn’t love them? Imagine a long strip of stalls offering interesting finds at rock-bottom prices. Even if you don’t intend to shop, it’s okay, because you’re in for a delightful visual treat when you visit bazaars.

As an unofficial Baguio City resident (because I’ve been staying in-and-out of the city for four years now), I feel excited when the month of February looms in because of the Panagbenga (“season of blooming”) Festival – a month-long celebration composed of dances, pageants, and shows. The festival’s highlight is the last weekend of the month wherein grand flower-adorned floats are paraded. There’s an enormous scattering of celebrities and of course, tourists everywhere.

Marchesa - Romantic Couture at It's Finest

My eyes always become starry when I see billowy skirts, lace ensembles, ruffled pieces, and anything that flows and flounces. Despite the fact that I also love pieces with roguish charm (thanks to Olivia Palermo), I still fall head over heels for classic and romantic staples.

I remember telling myself that in the future, I’d like to have a bridal gown from Marchesa. Whoever wears Marchesa is undeniably the belle of the ball and this understated fact made the label a resident name in Tinseltown’s red-carpet events.

Katy Perry's va-va-voom curves

Little Black Book of Style

Since I was three years old, a trip to mall could never be complete without me entering a bookshop.  A few months ago, I started to be engrossed over fashion books. Although magazines are more up-to-date, nothing can beat the feeling of holding the spines of books. I’m also reluctant now to spend much for magazines when I discovered that some pages of my Preview and Teen Vogue were torn by my brother who probably used the pictures for his school whatnot.

For this post, I just want to share one of the books which inspire me style-wise.

The Things We Endure for Beauty's Sake

“Tiis-ganda” is simply a coined Filipino term that refers to the sacrifices women (and men) endure for beauty’s sake. I read once that in fashion, when you think of comfort, it means that you’re getting older. I’m not sure how true it is because personally, I have my “lazy days” wherein I go for all-out comfort.
Lady Gaga - tiis-ganda much?