French Label Launches Girls' Lingerie Line - Hit or Miss?

As a student who used to be nine hours away from home, watching TV series definitely became one of my stress relievers. Toddlers and Tiaras is something that I truly find irresistible. Sometimes, I even imagine my future princess joining contests for enjoyment though the idea of girls wearing falsies and being waxed makes me cringe. 

Jours Apr├Ęs Lunes, a French label, is currently receiving condemnation from concerned parties because of a newly-released lingerie line targeting girls aged four to twelve.

However, it’s not the lingerie line that stirs much outrage but the promotional photo shoots. Critics argue that the photos have vulgar connotations because of the vampy make-up, beehive hair-dos, and pouting lips to name a few.


Designer Sophie Morin defends herself with a letter. She believes that her line isn’t sexualized at all because girls play dress-up for fun and even show legs and stomach on the beach.

What do you think of this furor? Is it just overly-hyped or is it really disturbing?