Weekend Haul from Pampanga

This past week has been quite intense for me simply because my dad’s going back to Europe next week. My dad’s yearly vacation usually takes two months but for this year, it’s different. A few months ago, his newly-renewed license was stolen, that’s why his company halted his departure. As a result, he was able to stay off-board for nine months. Needless to say, my glee can’t be explained. It's a blessing wrapped in a bizarre way.
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I've been crying my eyes out every night because of his pre-departure preparations. It’s been the same situation for more than twenty years now but I still feel like the same three-year-old girl who refuses to see her dad walk out of the house.

Anyhoo, let’s move on to good vibes, shall we? Last weekend, I went with my boyfriend to his hometown. It’s my nth vacation with his clan yet it’s still as fun as the first one. It’s definitely a sweet distraction from what I’m feeling. Like the usual, we spent Saturday at Marquee Mall, Angeles. It’s probably my favorite Ayala mall for it’s far from being crowded. I always tease my boyfriend that I can do pirouettes there because of the vast space.

Fully Booked there is thrice bigger than Mall of Asia’s but it’s always just the three of us inside (me, my boyfriend, and his younger brother). Maybe the lack of people can be accounted for the reason that we usually go there before lunch. The best thing is that Marquee can be reached in less than two hours if you're coming from Manila.

I also shopped a bit and my haul includes:
MAC Her Blooming Cheek (bought in Manila a few hours before heading to Pampanga), Charcoal Mask from Saizen, Mineralized ES , Veet Depilatory Cream, Elf Shimmer Eyeliner Pencil, and LA Colors Auto Eyeliner - all from the department store.

Aldo 6-piece earrings set
Victoria's Secret Body Mists
From Fully Booked
Earphones for the demanding brother

French-themed moleskin & Barbie pen ;p
Forever 21 dresses (bought again before leaving Manila)

It’s Friday tomorrow so I hope you’ll have a soothing weekend ahead!