5 Fashion Icons and Their Standout Jewels

Jewelry is perhaps the most transformative part of our closets. You might be clad in a simple black tee but pairing it with an oversized watch immediately does wonders. Nonetheless, you don’t always have to splurge for jewelry pieces except for those considered as investment pieces like watches.

Travelling is one instance where you don’t want to flash exorbitant items for they might be lost or damaged. You can enjoy a fanciful approach to accessorizing by searching for practical yet equally stylish alternatives. Zalora, for example, has a gorgeous selection of jewelry. If you’re a passionate crafter (I envy you), this article can help you,

For inspiration, here are some fashion icons and their standout pieces.

Grace Kelly
Her standout piece: A 10.47 carat Cartier emerald-cut diamond ring

7 Tips for Making the Most Out of Book Warehouse Sales

Any place with dirt cheap books is a haven for bibliophiles. Last month, I was able to attend two warehouse sales for books. The one is Books for Less in Pasig wherein ALL titles were sold for just P20 (less than USD1). I felt disappointed though because we arrived in the afternoon and most of the books were already “leftovers” – either the pages are ripped or stained. Through my boyfriend’s relentless digging in the boxes, I ended up with 11 decent storybooks.

National Bookstore’s annual warehouse sale is also reminiscent of Hunger Games. All the books were in mint condition. I was able to purchase all these and a bunch of storybooks (and cable ties) for less than a thousand bucks.

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How to Quit Your Job with Poise

One shouldn’t be nonchalant when resigning from a professional engagement. Not burning bridges is significant because we never know whom we’ll run into. Even if your work is the bane of your existence, show everyone that nothing can trump your sunshine.  The only exception is if your rights are abused and if you already tried to make amends but failed.