7 Tips for Making the Most Out of Book Warehouse Sales

Any place with dirt cheap books is a haven for bibliophiles. Last month, I was able to attend two warehouse sales for books. The one is Books for Less in Pasig wherein ALL titles were sold for just P20 (less than USD1). I felt disappointed though because we arrived in the afternoon and most of the books were already “leftovers” – either the pages are ripped or stained. Through my boyfriend’s relentless digging in the boxes, I ended up with 11 decent storybooks.

National Bookstore’s annual warehouse sale is also reminiscent of Hunger Games. All the books were in mint condition. I was able to purchase all these and a bunch of storybooks (and cable ties) for less than a thousand bucks.

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Here are some tips when going to a massive book sale event:

Bibliophile Tip #1: You won’t be shimmying down the aisles so wear comfortable clothes and closed shoes. Wear a mask too if you’re sensitive to dust. You wouldn’t want allergies to spoil your shopping. Also, manicured nails and book sales don’t go well together.

Bibliophile Tip #2: Since the spaces are narrow, leave bulky bags at home. Bring ecobags for your purchases.

Bibliophile Tip #3: Rely on water and wet wipes for immediate comfort once you’re done hoarding.

Bibliophile Tip #4: Look for hidden or uncrowded shelves because these commonly contain first-rate finds. During the Books for Less event, I scored the decent books by searching under the piles of books placed on the table.

Bibliophile Tip #5: Be gentle with the books. It’s saddening how some shoppers scan and chuck books if the blurb didn’t appeal to them. I understand how tight the competition is but the book that you have disregarded might be a gem to someone.

Bibliophile Tip #6: Let a friend queue for you and vice versa. Lines can be snakelike and to save time, my friend stayed in the queue with her purchases and allowed me to roam the warehouse for more books. When I’m done, she did the same. This is only okay if you’re just two and you’re not buying ten boxes of books. Surely you don’t want to upset the one behind you.  

Bibliophile Tip #7: Tag along a fellow book hoarder. It’s not ideal to bring along someone who’s not as excited as you. He or she will probably find you crazy for your willingness to get exhausted for that coveted “80% OFF” mark on books.