Living Life to the Fullest: Belle de Jour 2011 Fair

Imagine a high-style afternoon with plenty of fun thrown in – that’s what Belle de Jour events are. For the past week, I’ve been so keyed up with the 2012 planner launch. Last Sunday, I asked two of my cousins and my boyfriend to accompany me to Eastwood Mall Open Park. We left my house at 11AM and thank heavens there was no heavy traffic so we arrived at the venue after two hours.

Beauty and Butter Treat

Last Saturday, my boyfriend visited our house and since his weekday work was very rigorous, we decided to explore Mall of Asia’s south wing for indulging treats. It’s very difficult to choose because the wing houses a lot of shops such as California Day Spa and Nail-a-Holics. He wanted a massage and I needed a pedicure. We opted instead for Beauty and Butter and availed an 85-minute package consisting of pedicure, foot reflexology, and head massage.

Delightful Skin Cravings

“For skin so soft to be bitten, smells so sweet to be eaten!”

That’s what the tag line of Skin Cravings claims. I really like food-scented products (particularly vanilla) but it’s never easy to look for an item that doesn’t annoy my nose. You know those products whose (exaggerated) whiffs are enough to give you dizzy spells? Skin Cravings is different. Even if each bottle seems to be laced with milk and sugary fruits, the scent won’t wind you up.

Skindulgence: A Treat for Southerners

Girls (and some guys) truly understand the value of pampering time. After all, the pay-off for soothing the mind and body is a happier person. For some it can be a new nail color or a freshly-whipped facial mask but as for me, nothing beats the power of a classic massage.

Being a patron of delightful massages and reflexologies, I instantly got swayed when my former schoolmate posted advertisements for their newly-opened family business, SkindulgenceI booked an appointment almost two weeks ago but I wasn’t able to come because of my post-reflexology cramps. Last Sunday, I asked my family to try the spa’s services with me. 

Bewitched By Baguio's Lucid Charm

The city's definitely a place that I’ll always miss. It might be devoid of skyscrapers but just the feeling of being there spells a subtle bliss. Last weekend, I was able to revisit the city to fix some of my school documents. Since I haven’t been there for seven months, I was really looking forward for the trip. However, thanks to typhoon Pedring, I was forced to stay indoors most of the time.

I lived in Baguio for four years and the whole experience was heavenly but like the usual, the typhoon gave chills on my spine. I think it’s really the fog that creeps me out for it weakens my visibility of the surrounding. Thankfully, during my first “re-visitation” day, the storm signal didn’t escalate yet to number three so I was still able to squeeze in some of my whims.