Living Life to the Fullest: Belle de Jour 2011 Fair

Imagine a high-style afternoon with plenty of fun thrown in – that’s what Belle de Jour events are. For the past week, I’ve been so keyed up with the 2012 planner launch. Last Sunday, I asked two of my cousins and my boyfriend to accompany me to Eastwood Mall Open Park. We left my house at 11AM and thank heavens there was no heavy traffic so we arrived at the venue after two hours.

There were lots of booths and festivities but we proceeded to the main tent first because I registered the four of us in Alyanna Martinez’s talk, Shop around the World.

1.    Nothing beats shopping in Asia because of the incredibly low prices and economical fares. You can even take a trip and be back in the Philippines for dinner. She recounts going to this-and-that country for just a few hours only to pick up a watch or a pair of shoes for an esteemed client.  

2.    If you’re planning to have an apparel business, go to Bangkok for cheap yet stylish finds.

3.    When purchasing designer bags, Europe offers tax rebates which can greatly make a difference to the price tag when accumulated.

4.    Don’t forget to always have a photocopy of your passport and as much as possible, don’t bring cash. She learned this lesson when her grandmother’s bag (containing a month’s worth of travel allowance and documents) was snatched in Rome during a family vacation. 
5.    When going to thrift shops (ukay), forget the commercialized and nice-looking ones because most affluent shoppers go there and wipe out all designer labels. More often than not, the crappiest-looking shops have the most wonderful and unique treasures.

Scuolla dela Guioia (BDJ's beneficiary) Carolling
My bored boyfriend answering the crossword puzzle

After the talk, we explored the entire ground for the booths. Our BDJ passport (pictured above) served as a guide of the fun things that we could do during the fair. Too bad, I wasn’t able to take photos of all stalls.

To end the night, I tried the bungee thingy. I was wearing a dress but fortunately, my instinct didn’t fail me when I brought a pair of jeans that morning.

(Sorry for the blurry phone photo)
Of course, the BDJ Launch won’t be completed without the 2012 planner. That day, it was sold with a 20-percent discount. 

For the first 1,000 girls (and guys) who registered online, swags were also given containing gifts from companies which partnered with BDJ.  

Now, who can blame me for being that excited? After all, BDJ only goes to show that regardless of how old you are, eternal girlhood won’t lose its appeal.