Skindulgence: A Treat for Southerners

Girls (and some guys) truly understand the value of pampering time. After all, the pay-off for soothing the mind and body is a happier person. For some it can be a new nail color or a freshly-whipped facial mask but as for me, nothing beats the power of a classic massage.

Being a patron of delightful massages and reflexologies, I instantly got swayed when my former schoolmate posted advertisements for their newly-opened family business, SkindulgenceI booked an appointment almost two weeks ago but I wasn’t able to come because of my post-reflexology cramps. Last Sunday, I asked my family to try the spa’s services with me. 


I love the fact that the whole spa is dimly lit. Our house is comprised of 80 percent yellow lights which I think developed my fascination for muted lights. The lobby welcomed us with its fragrant smell which probably contained menthol and floral notes.

Massages, body scrubs, and other services are done inside private cubicle rooms. Each room has its own locker wherein you can stash your things for security. Separate rooms are assigned for hand and foot therapies as well as for the sauna and Jacuzzi facilities.

Calming music is continuously played and it’s not a soundtrack of splashing waves or humming birds (which I find creepy). The spa is beside a bustling highway but the insides were noise-free.

Overall Quality

Upon arriving, you’ll be asked to fill up a form asking for your preferences and medical history. I must say my masseuse was able to fulfill my requests. I was so close to drowsing if not for my brother who was then happily chatting with the “scrub specialist”. After an hour of massage, I was offered a cup of green tea.

My mom went for a massage. My brother had a body scrub while my aunt and cousin availed foot spa treatments. All of them were satisfied beyond words.

Will I come back?

Without a doubt, yes! Skindulgence really lives up to its name and the prices are so reasonable. If you'll avail of a membership that’s valid for two years (P500 for solo and P1, 000 for family), you’re entitled to to more than 50 percent discount on unlimited services. Furthermore, the staff is very nice which makes the spa more inviting.

For Southerners out there, Skindulgence is a must-visit haven for your dose of relaxation.

Skindulgence is  located at 2nd Floor  OJB Building, Salitran, Emilio Aguinaldo Highway, Dasmarinas City. To view its services and contact information, you may visit its page here.