Delightful Skin Cravings

“For skin so soft to be bitten, smells so sweet to be eaten!”

That’s what the tag line of Skin Cravings claims. I really like food-scented products (particularly vanilla) but it’s never easy to look for an item that doesn’t annoy my nose. You know those products whose (exaggerated) whiffs are enough to give you dizzy spells? Skin Cravings is different. Even if each bottle seems to be laced with milk and sugary fruits, the scent won’t wind you up.

The Scrub Me Pretty body scrubs come in three variants – Cranberry, Strawberry, and Dewberry. All the scrubs create a creamy lather that feels wonderful on the skin. If you’re aiming for gentle exfoliating products, you might want to give these treats a try because of their soft granules. After using, at least two times of rinsing must be done to completely get rid of the scrub’s residue.

At times, I find it tricky to make the scrub come out of the bottle but other than that, I don’t find any drawbacks. Oh, wait. The only thing I hate about these products is that they always entice me to taste them! They always make me want to grab a cup of yogurt or milkshake.

Moving on with the Smooth Over lotions, they are available in Strawberry Cream and Choc’ Mint Kisses. While the Strawberry Cream smells so sweet, the latter’s scent is very comforting. As its name implies, it’s a mélange of chocolate and menthol. With ample application, both lotions give skin a velvety feel without the stickiness.