Singapore Diaries: Universal Studios and Its Yearly Frightfest

This is a quick post of my recent Universal Studios Singapore adventure with my boyfriend’s family. I won’t dwell too much on the park because I have written about my favorite USS attractions last year. We still had fun, but we were saddened that the Waterworld show for that day didn’t push through because of the haze crisis. Nonetheless, it’s the right thing to do for a show as perilous as Waterworld needs to ensure the safety of its stars.

6 Things to Do at DreamPlay by DreamWorks

Let kids have fun unstructured form of play
 Unstructured play is essential in honing a child's imagination and DreamPlay is just the right place for that. I took my cousins here and they certainly had fun exploring iconic areas from renowned DreamWorks films. My hyperactive cousins climbed, crawled, and yes, screamed because of the How to Train Your Dragon area’s sprawling mazes while they enjoyed searching for Shrek’s missing keys at the Swamp Stop.

I'm Never Coming Back to Myeongdong with My Boyfriend

“Are we done yet?” my boyfriend asks with his eyes trying to conceal his impatience.
“Malapit na talaga (It’s nearly over),” I say as convincingly as I can.

This post is long overdue but I simply cannot let go of my Myeongdong experience. Myeongdong is unofficially hailed as Korea's cosmetics haven. The district is teeming with eager shoppers because the rows of beauty stores seem endless.

In Myeongdong, it isn't unusual to see more than one branch of a particular beauty brand. If you have forgotten something from Tony Moly, don't worry because the next block would probably have another branch. Some stores are open until midnight and it's usually nice to go there after visiting Namsan Tower

How It Feels to Work from Home

I used to think I wasn't cut-out for the corporate world because I didn't have the guts to withstand its sometimes conniving nature. However, I am fortunate because the two instances I have delved into the corporate world weren't horrible at all. I give all credits to my colleagues especially the ones I have recently left.