Singapore Diaries: Universal Studios and Its Yearly Frightfest

This is a quick post of my recent Universal Studios Singapore adventure with my boyfriend’s family. I won’t dwell too much on the park because I have written about my favorite USS attractions last year. We still had fun, but we were saddened that the Waterworld show for that day didn’t push through because of the haze crisis. Nonetheless, it’s the right thing to do for a show as perilous as Waterworld needs to ensure the safety of its stars.

What lifted our moods was the reopened Battlestar Galactica dueling rollercoasters. The sci-fi themed ride was closed in 2013 for safety checks. The Puss in Boots’ Giant Journey is also a new USS attraction. It’s a suspended coaster that allows guests to navigate the Giant Castle in an attempt to search for the legendary golden eggs.

Those years when Battlestar Galactica was closed, guests enjoyed the thrilling (yet bitin) Revenge of the Mummy. My high school classmate and thesis group mate also went with us. He’s now working for a software company in Singapore and I’m envious of his USS Annual Pass!

I still didn’t get the chance to see Shrek and Fiona (Hello USS guys, do you really have their mascots?), but my boyfriend hid a surprise gift inside my luggage. He bought Shrek when they stayed in the park for its annual Halloween Horror Nights while I took his mom and aunt to Bugis for shopping.

The theme for Halloween Horror Nights 2015 is Blue Moon. USS transforms its major attractions into interactive scare zones and haunted houses such as Tunnel People, True Singapore Stories: The MRT, and Siloso Gateway Block 50. I didn’t join the “frightfest” but according to the boys, the park was filled with flesh-eating zombies, butchered dolls, and other terrifying monsters who are all eager to torture guests.

The park is more crowded at night and waiting time for each haunted house can last for three hours. Typically, guests with day tickets must leave the park at 6 p.m. and re-enter an hour later when HHN is ready. It’s convenient that guests can now wait inside instead of joining the queue outside.

For tickets, you may visit HHN’s website or Travel Delight which I highly recommend for its superb service (I have transacted with them last year too).