Beauty Review: Victoria's Secret Very Sexy Lipstick

While I love pink shades of lipstick, I initially bought this VS Very Sexy in "Be Mine" shade primarily because of its packaging's cuteness.. The lipstick's case is so small that it can fit into your jean's pockets and the color combination of hot pink-black is enticing.

Happy 76th Birthday Mr. Men and Little Misses Creator Roger Hargreaves!

Today is supposedly the 76th birthday of Roger Hargreaves, the British writer and illustrator of the Mr. Men and Little Miss book series. To date, the books have 84 witty characters. Everything started in 1971 when Hargreaves was asked by his six-year-old son, "What does a tickle look like?" He immediately imagined a man with a huge grin, drew it, and as they say, the rest is history.

The first drawn character

Girls Gone Wild: The Terror Real-Life Mean Girls Bring

I've been reading Alice Sebold's "Lovely Bones" for a week now and I must say that young deaths really break my heart. This book makes me think about deaths that were inflicted by humans. Yes, there's murder but what about bullycide? In this time and age, bullying isn't inflicted anymore by the menaces of childhood playground. There are real Regina Georges out there - lots of them. I've been reading painful stories about teenagers who were bullied so much that they decided to escape by taking their own lives. 

Childhood Whatnot Haul

I'm nineteen already but I still find princess-y stuff too-cute-to-be-resisted. During a recent trip with my boyfriend, we entered Club Princess and I just couldn't go out without buying something. However, since I'm reading Liz Perle's "Money - a Memoir on Women, Emotions, and Cash", I promised myself to just buy one thing two things.

The first one's a kyootie-patootie sleep mask which for me seems to have cat eyelashes.