Childhood Whatnot Haul

I'm nineteen already but I still find princess-y stuff too-cute-to-be-resisted. During a recent trip with my boyfriend, we entered Club Princess and I just couldn't go out without buying something. However, since I'm reading Liz Perle's "Money - a Memoir on Women, Emotions, and Cash", I promised myself to just buy one thing two things.

The first one's a kyootie-patootie sleep mask which for me seems to have cat eyelashes.

I terribly need this because my dog never fails to lick my eyes just so I would wake up early morning and play with him.
Next is a Barbie hardbound tickler. Something that fits perfectly inside my bag and is appropriate for those "lightbulb" moments.

  Here are my other favorite childhood stuff:
Anna Sui-ish hand mirror
This was originally sold for P300.00 (7 USD) but after
some sweet pleas, the thrift shop owner gave this to me
for just a hundred bucks!

The pouch seems too furry for me but still my favorite because it's from my
boyfriend. He got the pen and pouch during his younger brother’s educational trip.

Lace organizer from IKEA Singapore
This used to have a mirror though.
How about you? Do you still shop for things that are too pretty that you don't care anymore if they're age appropriate or not?

Club Princess is located at Bonifacio High Street, Trinoma, and Mall of Asia.