Nars Cap Ferrat Trio vs. Gosh Ocean Drive Trio

Like some girls, I tend to be daunted by the idea of experimenting with eyeshadows. For some reason, I feel that it can make me look overly done. I have stacks of eye pots and palettes but I always end up using them for other people. Needless to say, I’m more of an eyeliner-mascara girl. However, there’s an exception because some eyeshadows are simply too cute to be resisted like the Nars Alpes-Maritimes-inspired Cap Ferrat Trio Eyeshadow.

It’s a part of the Nars Summer 2011 collection which showcases sophisticated and bold pigments. The Cap Ferrat is made up of three colors – icy sea foam, silver green, and icy turquoise.  The vivid palette reminds me of this:
So summer!

Just when I’ve decided to purchase the trio palette, I saw this from my stash:

It’s Gosh Trio Eye Shadow in Ocean Drive. It’s a dupe of Cap Ferrat because it also has deep blue, green, and white pigments. 

I love the Gosh palette because it’s never messy when applied unlike other powder-formed shadows that become “dusty." What’s best is that Gosh Ocean Drive also contains shimmering particles like the Cap Ferrat. The particles are minimal so don't worry for you won’t look like a walking disco ball.  *wink*

If you’re like me who doesn’t use much eyeshadow, then it’s okay to settle for an affordable version. I didn’t buy my Gosh palette though, it’s from my boyfriend’s mom but I checked its price online and it only costs $12 which poses a great difference with Cap Ferrat’s $45-price. 

I hope to post pictures of my little blue-green eye experiment and oh, the next time you’re planning to splurge for makeup, don’t forget to check your stash first because you might have treasured and fab alternatives!

 Nars is exlusively available at all Rustan's Department Stores while Gosh can be ordered online.