Little Black Book of Style

Since I was three years old, a trip to mall could never be complete without me entering a bookshop.  A few months ago, I started to be engrossed over fashion books. Although magazines are more up-to-date, nothing can beat the feeling of holding the spines of books. I’m also reluctant now to spend much for magazines when I discovered that some pages of my Preview and Teen Vogue were torn by my brother who probably used the pictures for his school whatnot.

For this post, I just want to share one of the books which inspire me style-wise.

The author is fashion journalist Nina Garcia who currently sits as one of Project Runway’s judges.

As for the appearance, the pink-and-black combination is impeccably beautiful. The whole book’s crammed with fancy pictures that clearly illustrate the content.

The Little Black Book of Style is not the average style manual which merely delineates what’s appropriate from what’s not.  The book’s about being your own muse while finding the style that suits you. Some of my favorite chapters include:

“The Basics” – These are the simple things that we tend to overlook.

“What to Watch and What to Watch For” – The best films that portrayed the prettiest styles of all time (although I’m a bit biased here because my favorite Grace Kelly was included in the list not just once!)

“Insider Tips and Tricks” – Big names in the industry such as Donatella Versace, Diane von Furstenberg, Zac Posen, Christian Loubotin, and Heidi Klum were asked different intriguing questions on how to be eternally stylish.

“Decade by Decade” – A blow-by-blow account of the fashion trends from 1920s to date.

For me, the book’s a 5/5 simply because it’s sassy, light, and informative. If you want to have a quick yet extensive fashion know-how, this book’s recommended for it’s not like other books which spill repetitive and useless information just for the sake of thickening the pages.

You can get Nina Garcia’s The Little Black Book of Style from Fully Booked for P785.00. :)