The Things We Endure for Beauty's Sake

“Tiis-ganda” is simply a coined Filipino term that refers to the sacrifices women (and men) endure for beauty’s sake. I read once that in fashion, when you think of comfort, it means that you’re getting older. I’m not sure how true it is because personally, I have my “lazy days” wherein I go for all-out comfort.
Lady Gaga - tiis-ganda much?

Wearing high heels is probably the most common form of “tiis-ganda." Do you know that a stiletto doesn’t originally pertain to shoes? It’s actually a dagger which became famous during World War 1 as a stabbing weapon.  Now you know why most of these hot-looking pairs hurt like hell.

Chunky and heavy accessories come next. Lots of girls go gaga over chandelier earrings and bib necklaces especially now that we have the trend of over sizing things such as totes and sunglasses.

Corsets are also famous forms of sacrificial beauty procedures. Boned corsets can transform even the straightest figures to shapely ones but you have to be willing not to breathe! Of course, there’s exaggeration there but seriously, you can’t breathe much in corsets. I have few corseted dresses and it’s not easy to sit and move around in them so I salute those who can manage to wear corsets on a daily basis.

Back in 1950s, probably “tiis-ganda” for women comes in the form of aerosol spray bottles. Just imagine the time spent by women to perfect their gigantic updo rolls or coiffed curls. Not only do their necks hurt but also the earth’s ozone. 

While most people go after heels and charms, there are some who bravely go under knives and needles to attain their desired look. If putting on make-up takes too much of your precious time, clinics offering permanent cosmetic tattoo are now common. I want to have an eyeliner tattoo because it’s basically the cosmetic product that I can’t manage to lose but then, what happens after fifty years? Saggy eyelids with weird greenish lines? Probably not a good sight!

What “tiis-ganda” procedures, products, etc. are you guilty of?