A Love Devoid of Complication?

Love is unfair. More often than not, someone in a relationship is always on top of the other – more dominant for that matter. The stronger one always gets to be the dictator; the weak and passive, on the other hand, is nothing more than just an obedient follower. Compromise is a word that’s not in their dictionary apparently. 

Love is also demanding that’s why it’s unfair. It asks too much time and effort from a person. If ever a man fails to spend hours with his significant other, he can be already accused of taking his girlfriend for granted. 

Love is selfish. And it’s gonna be that way for the longest time possible for so long as it’s unfair and selfish. The guy would forever want his girlfriend’s time or if, the girl’s unlucky, the guy would always choose his friends over her and yet still expects her to understand because she loves him.

Such is an excerpt from my girl friend Aimee’s "Watching from the Sidelines". Aren’t these situations familiar?

In a society wherein a cinema line-up will never be complete without a romantic flick, we have this tendency to measure the grandness of a love story with how dramatic its plot is. What we sometimes forget is that the world’s formula of love is different from the love story God has penned for us.

While we know that God wants the best for us, is there a way for love to not be complicated?

I’m neither Dr. Phil nor a love guru though at 22, I’ve been in a relationship for more than five years now. Prior to that, I’ve had my share of moments when Zedd’s “If our love is tragedy, then why are you my remedy?” was my mantra.

Love will never be devoid of challenges but aren’t we blessed that He has given us the ability to see warning signs?

1. Never be too absorbed with the idea of a poster couple.
Sure, Noah and Allie’s passion in The Notebook is striking and how Mr. Darcy treats Elizabeth is impressive but at the end of the day, their story is different from ours. We shouldn’t settle for mediocre love but we likewise have to check if our standards are still realistic.

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The Mind Museum in Taguig is the country’s first world-class science museum which aspires to remove the impression that science is “cold, boring, and unapproachable.” Upon receiving complimentary tickets for a museum tour, I immediately thought of Aujen and his younger brother Ayu who are both die-hard fans of anything scientific and mathematical.

You’ll be greeted by Aedi which basically stands for “idea” when reversed. 

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Beige espadrille peep toes from Mango