Ballet Beautiful Workout Videos Review: Why Natalie Portman And The Victoria's Secret Angels Love Them

As someone who encounters difficulty in gaining weight and who doesn't find pumping iron appealing, searching for a workout can be difficult. I love to swim and surf but sadly, I cannot do these things everyday.

The dance goddesses truly blessed me for I came across with Ballet Beautiful, a workout method that is designed to give someone a ballerina’s graceful yet strong physique. Mary Helen Bowers, a former member of the New York City Ballet, handles the class.

Ballet Beautiful is very close to my heart because I danced ballet for several years until a minor injury sidelined me. Nonetheless, it’s fine if someone doesn’t have a background in dancing for this program customizes basic ballet principles and divides them into smaller chunks making it easier for one to achieve a sculpted physique (swan-like arms too!).

How It Works

Since I cannot attend the studio classes in New York, you may opt for the streaming videos which may be purchased here. For starters, you can select the “Intro to Ballet Beautiful Bundle."

From the videos, you may eventually select the “Custom Workout” program for $39.99 per month. You’ll be given unlimited access to steaming videos as well as two new workouts per month tailored to your needs.

Fans of Ballet Beautiful

If you have been mesmerized by Natalie Portman’s transformation in Black Swan, Bowers should be thanked for! Victoria’s Secret Angels Miranda Kerr, Erin Heatherton, Lily Aldrige, and Lindsay Ellingson also take classes.

What I Love

- I get the chance to reconnect with the ballerina in me even if I’m just at home. If you have a yoga mat and a player for the videos, then you’re set.

- The shy girl in me won’t go to the gym alone but with this program, I can have privacy but still enjoy the benefits of working out.

- The promise of strong yet elegant posture and taut yet flexible muscles is too hard to resist!

- Don’t be deceived by the workout’s seemingly easy procedures for they will make your muscle sore. Still, this workout allows you to combine strength with grace.

What Makes Me Think

While I love Ballet Beautiful, the total cost of the videos might not delight others. However, I see the videos as investment. You purchase them one-time but you get to use them repetitively. You may even share them with your friends!

I still have to experience the “Custom Workout” program but the $39.99-cost isn’t bad as well for it’s almost the same as the price of a monthly gym membership.