The Mind Museum Taguig Review: Where Science Comes Alive!

Science, though it sometimes stirred my curiosity as a child, bore me with its complexity. While I definitely appreciated that my father bought me stacks of encyclopedia, the young me couldn't help but wish for Science to be presented in a highly-engaging manner. Kids these days are blessed for this is exactly what the Mind Museum in Taguig has in mind!

The Mind Museum in Taguig is the country’s first world-class science museum which aspires to remove the impression that science is “cold, boring, and unapproachable.” Upon receiving complimentary tickets for a museum tour, I immediately thought of Aujen and his younger brother Ayu who are both die-hard fans of anything scientific and mathematical.

You’ll be greeted by Aedi which basically stands for “idea” when reversed. 

The museum is comprised of five interconnected parts: Atom, Earth, Life, Technology, and Universe. More than 250 exhibits are inside the museum and the best thing is that they're all originally designed by Filipino artists!

To cap off the afternoon, we stayed at the InterContinental Manila which is less than 20 minutes away from the museum. 
This summer, the Mind Mind Museum has an array of intriguing activities that will bring out the scientist in each kid:

They also have ongoing summer ticket promos which you can see here. For queries, you may contact them directly at 909-MIND.