Summer Haul: Espadrilles, Day Dresses, Jack Johnson

While a summer haul should typically have bikinis and Daisy Dukes, I’ll be refraining from a beach trip for the next two months. It dampens my heart but I have to save my work vacation credits for a bigger travel plan this coming May. 

Beige espadrille peep toes from Mango

Jumpsuits and day dresses

Clinique vanity purse with detachable pouches

Chanel Chance Eau Tendre
This might not be my typical summer scent but it spells freshness and femininity which instantly captivated me!

Jack Johnson’s tunes
A trip to the beach won’t be complete without his dreamy voice! Have his songs as your background while driving and you might just have your own movie-worthy moment.

What’s on your summer must-buy list?