Beauty Review: Victoria's Secret Very Sexy Lipstick

While I love pink shades of lipstick, I initially bought this VS Very Sexy in "Be Mine" shade primarily because of its packaging's cuteness.. The lipstick's case is so small that it can fit into your jean's pockets and the color combination of hot pink-black is enticing.

The pro of this product is its gorgeous pink color.  It's very creamy so you won't have a problem gliding it though you might exert more effort because of the lipstick's tiny size. It's not for girls who are fans of matte lipsticks for VS Very Sexy has a noticeable sheen and because of this, I often swab my lips with a lip brush to lighten the pigment.

As for the con, the product doesn't stay on the lips for a long time - two hours tops. That is, if you won't eat or drink. This is a major turn-off for me because I hate reapplying and retouching all the time. This is why I prefer tried-and-tested low-key lip stains over lipsticks. When topped with a lip gloss, the product can stay on for a few hours more. I pair mine with Neutrogena Moistureshine Gloss.

Will I repurchase? For P600+ ($12), this can be a steal because of the vibrant color. I love this product for it can make you look polished without being overly done. However, I won't repurchase because apart from the product's short lasting power, it also melts easily. Take note of this picture wherein the lipstick seems greasy. 
Sorry, that's my dog Winter who keeps on grabbing the lipstick ;>

The lippie wasn't able to keep up with our country's humid climate so there, it became soft. Overall it's a nice product with a pleasant scent but it's just not for me. 

VS Very Sexy is available in 19 colors such as Showstopper (Bright Red), Satin Sheets (Soft Pink), Stiletto (Wine), and Whisper (Nude).