Shopping for Everyday Perfume 101

It’s school season again and I can’t help but remember my high school days wherein it’s a must for me to purchase a new perfume as much as it is necessary for me to shop for school shoes, bags, notebooks, and pens. It’s like a self-tradition because I somehow feel a tinge of excitement going back to school with a new scent.

Here are a few guidelines to consider when purchasing a scent for normal, everyday use:

·         Scents must be dependent on season. If it’s summer, strong and musky scents might be too overpowering. Likewise, if it’s chilly season, don’t think of wearing aqua or fruity scents for these are too weak to be noticed. Crisp, sweet, and floral scents are my best choices for everyday wear.

·         One of my pet peeves is a real-life walking air freshener or the person who you can smell despite the ten-meter distance between you. Some people have different scent preferences from you so don’t make these people cringe by bathing yourself with perfume.  Be discreet. Scents react to body heat so it’s best to apply them on the “palpitating” areas such as wrists, backs of the ears, and chest.

·         Try to collect a variety of perfumes so that it will be easy for you to mix-and-match depending on the occasion. However, keep a few bottles of your signature scents. In my case, I love sweet and food-scented fragrances such as rose and vanilla.

·         Lastly, when buying a perfume, ask yourself if it suits your personality. Do you see yourself wearing the perfume often? Visualize before you buy because the perfume might remain untouched on your dresser. I had an experience before wherein I bought a whole set of YSL perfume (bath cream and lotion included) because of the free bag. I convinced myself that I liked the scent because the bag’s very stunning. Now, the whole YSL package remains unused (except by my mom) because the scent’s too strong for my taste.

Here are few of my favorites:

The fourth and fifth fragrances of Christian Dior's Poison Saga. These
scents are not for day enjoyment though because they are combinations
of florals and musky woods.

My feel-good bottles (because they're crisp and fresh-smelling)
 -  B-United, Clinique Happy, and
Gucci Envy Me

Giorgio Armani Code
I love the floral scent that has a tinge of vanilla and honey

Witch Cornelia EDT
I'm not familiar if this is available locally but I 
remember falling in love with this sweet scent when my 
aunt from Spain gave me this.

Calvin Klein Eternity Moment
I never got the chance to repurchase this from the day
it was stolen from my bag. Interestingly, I still can't forget its
timeless and romantic scent. This was probably the "most
complimented" perfume that I've had. It might be the reason why
it was stolen. O_o

Bvlgari Rose Essentielle
This is definitely the ME perfume! Its addiciting
rose scent definitely spells class, femininity, and
sensuality. This is one of my signature
"pasalubongs" from my dad every year.

Barbie in Fab!
This is my current everyday scent. It's not a perfume 
but it lasts long and I can't stop sniffing the sweet scent.