WickeRmoss's Chic Clinique Party

Last year, in one of my Journalism classes, I decided to report about companies that test their products on animals. It was a very enlightening discussion because of the tormenting photos which I showed. I likewise distributed a “Do Test/Don’t Test” list of companies directly downloaded from Leaping BunnyFrom thereon, I made a mental note to only support beauty companies that abhor animal torture. Clinique’s one of the companies that fall under the category of “Don’t Test”.

I’ve always been a fan of Clinique’s Sparkle Skin Body Scrub and Clinique Happy so when I saw Ms. Charles of WickeRmoss’s e-mail about an upcoming Clinique party at Rustan’s Makati, I felt ecstatic. I'm completely aware that Clinique’s a well-established brand which lots of girls (and guys) vie for so it would be fun to be a part of that event.

Fast forward to the day itself, I tagged my brother along just in case I’d faint. My hypotension’s kicking in that day but there’s no way I could be stopped from attending the party. I learned so much from the skin consultation. My major worries were my skin’s dullness and the slight discoloration on my eye’s side part of the skin (thanks so much eyeliner).

These products were recommended to me. I’m looking forward to try the given samplers so that I can determine which products are okay for me.

Though I felt like I was about to faint anytime, I was so giddy going through the different counters to observe and read the products’ labels.

For men, too!
Ms. Charles is definitely a nice and fabulous hostess. She made sure that everyone’s okay and from her, I found out that there might be another Bloggers United event this year. Her hubby’s so supportive for taking pictures the whole time.

I know all the beauty bloggers and vloggers are nice even though I only got the chance to have “heart-to-heart” talks with Ate Ann and Ate Kai. Since all of them are experienced bloggers, it’s a let-down that I wasn’t able to ask for “tips”.

Skin consultation/make-up application done by Clinique's consultants
Waiting for my turn...
Trina, Ms. Charles, and Mitch

Ms. Charles, Ate Ann, and me

Ate Kai during her make-up time
Yummy treats were provided by Bizu Pattisserie

Lastly, not a single girl went empty-handed. Each loot bag contained products for our skin type and here’s mine:

Many thanks to Ms. Charles and Clinique Philippines! 

If you have time to spare, please visit these incredible bloggers (credit goes to Mitch for this list):

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