Butterfly Blog Award and a Story aout Me

This Butterfly Award was given to me by Ms. Marika of A Fashionista and Ms. Kai of Brew of the Day. Thank you!  The rule's simple. Write about yourself.  I don’t know where to start so I might as well go with the basics first and see where it takes me.

I’m 19. I studied Communication and majored in Journalism. I’m studying Fashion Styling and Merchandising now but never Fashion Design because I draw like a kid. I’m more of an afternoon-type-of-girl-who-loves-to-have-coffee-with-friends-and-stay-at-home instead of a party-girl-who-stays-up-until-the-wee-hours-of-the-morning. Yes, I’m also quite a nocturnal but I devote my time to reading books, watching series and films, contemplating about life (more like daydreaming), and anything that catches my heart – from serious down to the nonsensical ones.

I love collecting make-up but I always end up giving them because my loyalty belongs only to moisturizer and eyeliner. Looking for that perfect eyeliner which fulfills its promise to not smudge has always been challenging for me so if you have any recommendations, please tell me. I consider my fashion sense quite safe because I’m always in black and neutral shades. I hoard shoes but most of my purchases are black pumps in varying heights and finishes. Dainty accessories also inspire me.

Going on a deeper level, I had a difficult time battling false perceptions about me. I’m this person who’s usually shy when I’m surrounded with people I’m not so familiar with. I reveal less about myself which probably makes me intimidating. I had to transfer from one school to another but come high school, God blessed me with classmates who eventually became my soul sisters and brothers. Some human minds didn’t stop from twisting stories (see reason here) and the whole situation pained me so much. Surprisingly, I stayed in the school for four years – my longest stay. I was the youngest in the class, that’s why my 36 classmates protected me as much as they could. Up until now, I’m still in love with these amazing people.

Yes, I’m still liked…and misjudged. However, I realized that maybe it’s the reason why God blessed me with a calm soul – so that I wouldn’t break down easily and start fighting back. We cannot please everyone. It’s repetitive but it’s true. I think I already came to the point wherein I couldn't care less what others think. Of course, I won’t deny that I feel happy when people say that I’m so much different from what they thought of me. It has always been my favorite part.

I used to love flirting with danger. It’s as if the risks made me feel so alive. Everything changed when one of my high school classmates, my informal Math tutor, my high school thesis group mate, and my close friend was murdered 8 months ago by some of his colleagues who weren’t able to tame their insecurities. He was the breadwinner of the family but maybe, God wanted him to be by His side already. Sure, we can’t stop things from happening. Death is inevitable but what happened to my friend became a wake-up call for me. We might have accepted the fact that he’s gone for now but I still pray that the persons who stabbed his head countless times would come out, ask for forgiveness, and correct the monstrosity that they’ did.

Apart from my friends, my family definitely makes my heart flutter but I want to make a separate post about everyone as this might become so long!

I’m in love with my Father, my family, my dogs, and with the man whom I’ve been with for almost three years now. As much as I don’t want to compare, with him, I realized that a relationship can be not as stressful and as dramatic as my former relationships were (a three-month one and a two-year one). Sure, we’ve had lots of fights, some of them trivial. The difference is, he always finds a way to work everything out and he always makes me want to do the same thing.

We’re different in many ways. He loves to follow a schedule, he’s organized, he doesn’t trust people easily, he’s so good in Math, he cooks so well, and so on. Both our families show their love for us - fact that makes us stronger as well. Needless to say, this is the first (and with His grace, the last) time I allowed someone  to have my whole heart with nothing held back.

I also love spoiling kids. When I’m with my friends, I persuade them to come with me to Gingersnaps so that I could admire endless piles of clothes (and buy some for my nephews, nieces, neighbors kids, and so on).
Vacation Bible School of kids from the church and one of my
beauty boo-boos - full upper bangs. 
Annual outreach program with ze Kappa Epsilon

I think this post is getting long already, sorry. So there, I’m this girl who after everything still emerges with my rose-tinted glasses on. I never fail to see that “something” even in the most “nothing” of things simply because of the silent strength being blessed upon me.