Bewitched By Baguio's Lucid Charm

The city's definitely a place that I’ll always miss. It might be devoid of skyscrapers but just the feeling of being there spells a subtle bliss. Last weekend, I was able to revisit the city to fix some of my school documents. Since I haven’t been there for seven months, I was really looking forward for the trip. However, thanks to typhoon Pedring, I was forced to stay indoors most of the time.

I lived in Baguio for four years and the whole experience was heavenly but like the usual, the typhoon gave chills on my spine. I think it’s really the fog that creeps me out for it weakens my visibility of the surrounding. Thankfully, during my first “re-visitation” day, the storm signal didn’t escalate yet to number three so I was still able to squeeze in some of my whims.

"I should have fought for you. Soul mates fight for each other." ~ Cal
First time I watched a movie alone. I felt happy for doing so before turning twenty at least.

Since the UP campus was closed, I decided to meet my sorority sisters at Picarre despite my "frostbites". The Chicken Parmigiana and Pesto Penne were yummy but didn't help in anesthetizing me against the coldness.
Spent the rest of the afternoon exploring quaint bookshops for treasures.

Candies in between.

I suddenly craved for Pizza Volante's Chocolate Vanilla Love Affair but the intolerable coldness made me end up with Pizza Hut's Cream of Mushroom Soup with Garlic Croutons and a pan of Cheeseburger Pizza.

Have you ever been to the City of Pines? What do you love most about its charm?