Library Envy:The Hunt for a Perfect Bookcase

“People who love books also carry an abiding lust for bookshelves.” – LA Times

For the longest time, I’ve been yearning to have new bookshelves but the purchase doesn’t always end up successful. Either the shelves are way too plain or way too bulky. Last week, I was given permission to convert an unused room as an “official” haven for my books and magazines. It means no more book stacks on my bedroom floor, on boring black cases, and in my luggage bags.

The second problem is the type of bookcases that will jive with the room so I started browsing websites and leafing through magazines for my pegs.

Looks pretty but yes, it’s more apt for a kid’s room (from EFurniture).

Vintage coffee tables turned shelves? Very chic and ingenious (from Umbra Furniture).

Barbie meets Lego (created by designer Smånsk)

My childhood dream – a bookshelf that conceals a passageway to Narnia, Wonderland or Chocolate Factory (from Move).

What I like most is a laddered bookshelf. However, with my clumsiness, this isn’t advisable. Took this photo at Mt. Cloud Bookshop, Baguio City
Do you know any shops which offer bookcases that double as pieces of art?