How to Quit Your Job with Poise

One shouldn’t be nonchalant when resigning from a professional engagement. Not burning bridges is significant because we never know whom we’ll run into. Even if your work is the bane of your existence, show everyone that nothing can trump your sunshine.  The only exception is if your rights are abused and if you already tried to make amends but failed.

Make sure you have it all in writing before jumping ship

This applies if you are leaving your current position for a new one. Don’t make final decisions unless you’re armed with a formal offer. Don’t resign from your current role if your new employer hasn't given you an official start date yet.

Give your boss the courtesy of a face-to-face discussion

While technology indeed changed our lifestyles, resigning from your job through a hastily written email or text message is not appropriate. It only becomes acceptable if your boss is based in Gothenburg. Prior to making a schedule with your boss, mentally note the points you’d like to raise. Be honest about your reason for resigning because some companies can meet you halfway. I recently told my boss about my plan to resign because my physical presence would be needed in our family business. Instead of letting me go, he allowed me to work remotely.

Regardless of the outcome of your conversation, don’t forget to be grateful for the experience. Provide your boss a signed resignation letter to make things official.

Do your successor a favor by planning your transition

Get your affairs ready for hand-off to ensure that you won’t risk the company’s projects.  Make a master list of all your tasks including the names and contact information of the people you’re collaborating with. If your successor is already a part of the company, make the transition manageable by allowing him or her to be your “shadow” even for just a day.

Clean your workplace

Apart from removing items on your table (yes, the framed photos), get rid of personal information from your work computer.  Clean your browser history that can contain saved passwords and other sensitive information. Have your external hard drive ready to collect your files. Resignation policies differ wildly and if you need to copy your work outputs for your personal portfolio, make sure that you have your company's permission.

Inform your colleagues

Let your colleagues know about your resignation. Tell them that they can still contact you should they need glowing recommendations for future endeavors. It’s also a thoughtful gesture to give modest tokens with handwritten notes. 

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