‘cause It’s Never Too Early for Christmas

For most parts, pleasing kids has always been easy. Take them to McDonalds and they’ll smile as if they’re in a first-rate restaurant. Listen to their stories no matter how mundane or imaginative and they’ll give you an irresistible smile. Yes, they can have tantrums that root from the deepest parts of nowhere but even if they can be little Veruca Salts at times, nothing you do for them is ever wasted.

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Almost two weeks ago, I celebrated my 20th birthday with several kids in Tagaytay. They’re mostly kids of farmers which explains why we left with our vehicle’s trunk filled to the brim with fruits. We arrived there expecting nothing in return but the kids actually took time to ask a portion from their parents’ harvests so that they could give it to me as birthday gifts. Since I love the beauty that comes with spontaneity, we just had games, Faketoos, face paints, and balloon activities.  

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Until now, it amazes me how behaved and grateful these kids are. For each prize that they received, they didn’t forget their magic words. It went the same when it’s time for the loot bags to be given. Without our instructions, they formed a line and let the smaller kids go first. It’s very humbling to see that despite their youngness, they already have an exemplary concept of consideration.
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The party was devoid of much grandeur but the kids’ appreciation was too much. I’m currently staying nine hours away from home but my mom (not pictured) really went out of her way to prepare even if her schedule was so busy to begin with.
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[you may skip this part] Thank you Pa for being the perfect example of a channel of blessings; Mom, for just being there; Aujen, for taking a work leave for me and for always giving me your best; John Mark, for being my 24/7 brother-slash-driver; Mae, Kezh, Tita Selfa, Tita Ann, and Lola for coming with us; Bernadette, for being a super efficient house help that day; Tita Madelle, for lending your place as the venue; Winter and Amery for being my affectionate real-life “stuffed dogs”, and thank You God for Your never-ending grace.

I still feel like I just turned 18. *sigh*

What the kids showed me couldn’t be weighed down by fancy layered cakes (not that I don’t like them). It only goes to show how kids can make an innocent difference by merely sharing their playful and imaginative selves.