A Glimpse of the Super Sale Bazaar 2012

Clothes, cosmetics, bags, shoes, and keepsakes at discounted prices. These are the reasons why the Super Sale Bazaar continues to be a smashing success each year. With over a hundred stalls that retail stylish and quirky finds, a shopper can easily be overwhelmed (and have an abused wallet ;p). This year’s bazaar happened last weekend at World Trade Center.


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However, this post is indeed a glimpse because my mom and I only stayed there last Friday for half an hour. Before heading to the bazaar, I decided to have Winter primped at Mall of Asia’s Pet Express. Just when I thought I could relish the showcases of each stall, our house help called to say that Winter’s grooming is done. Worst, he’s throwing a “pooch tantrum” (might be because of the itchy fur-cut). Since he refuses to be hushed even by my brother, we left the shopping scene.
DSCN0741  NYX Round in Spellbound, E.L.F. Pressed Powder, E.L.F. Contouring Blush and Bronzer, Tutti Dolci Strawberry Chocolate Moisturizing Body SoufflĂ©

On our way out, I managed to purchase a few things from two adjoining stalls. Apart from the quick haul, here are some links of the shops whose business cards landed inside my purse.

What are the things that caught your eye during the Super Sale Bazaar 2012?