ZEN Stay Alert Coffee Mint - a Calming All-Nighter Accessory

Hi dolls, how’s your weekend so far? I wasn't able to be online for just a few days yet I felt like missing on so many things already. Apart from writing stuff, reading has been taking so much of my time and hence, the reason for my blogging hiatus. More than clothes, shoes, and beauty products, books really consume my biggest budget allocation every month. Nothing beats the feeling of reading under faint yellow-tinted lights while devouring sweets.

My July Must-Read List

Sadly, because of so much things going on, I only get the time to read when the clock strikes twelve midnight. This is why I want to share one of my all-nighter companions – the ZEN Stay Alert Coffee Mint. As the name suggests, it’s a balm which has the exact aroma of coffee. You either smell it or rub it on your neck or temples to boost your “alert buttons”. I first found out about it last December when I was looking for Christmas gift add-ons for my dad and uncles.

This product doesn’t actually make you stay awake like what caffeinated drinks do but the balm’s minty feel and aroma are definitely invigorating. Sometimes, the balm makes my mouth water as well. I bought this at Green Options, Baguio City but it’s also available at PhilShopping for a hundred and fifty bucks. Indeed, the balm's one of my inexpensive yet satisfying purchases!

Thanks for visiting my quick weekend post!