This is What Happy Looks Like

At times, people tend to exhaust themselves in their pursuit of happiness. I know I am likewise a victim of such paradox. It’s when you give so much fuss to the littlest of things because you have these skyrocketing standards of how happiness should look or feel like. We tend to forget that at times, it’s the simple and unnoticeable things that yield contentment. 

This post has been inspired by a book which recently charmed me. While it’s an insurmountable task to sum up all the things that make me happy in a single post, it’s still refreshing to create a list that will remind you of the famed “vivre l'amour de la vie” philosophy.

To be happy is to take delight in the serenity of water…

and I’m not pertaining to crowd-hounded beaches. It’s just a letdown that my dad doesn’t like having family beach trips. I cannot blame him though because if you’ve been a vessel captain for more than two decades, perhaps the ocean just doesn’t seem to be appealing anymore. Nonetheless, he remains supportive of my desire to have legit diving certificates before this year ends.

To be happy is to have an awful day only to be welcomed by comforting food.


There’s a reason why “perpetually hungry kid” is one of my identifiers. ;)

To be happy is to be a pseudo veterinarian.

If I did not take Journalism in college, it would definitely be Veterinary Medicine. It’s just that cats and rodents scare me and if you’re going to open up an animal clinic, it will definitely not be fair if you'll have prejudicial distinctions about your patients. What if a cat’s in pain? Surely you cannot refuse to cure him just because you're frightened. So there goes my veterinary dream.

To be happy is to welcome a long-lost passion back into your life.


I’m simply grateful for I’m about to once again embrace the grace and silent strength that come with this craft. 

To be happy is to be in a magical place.

Being the shy girl that I am, I dislike going to deafening club parties. There’s this 2-month phase in my life wherein I partied EVERY night until the wee hours of the morning only to realize that such lifestyle was purely not for me. 

While I do love to go out (either for shopping or people-watching purposes), I’m happiest when I scour places filled with bewitching books armed with my iPod. I can stay away from shoe boutiques but there’s something about bookshops that make them irresistible. 

To be happy is to be trusted.

Regardless of how trivial or serious it is, being trusted with something tells a lot about you. I’ve been planning two events since last month – the christening of my future goddaughter Sophia and a wedding of someone close to me. Coming up with mood boards is a grueling task especially when you have barely two months left but more than anything, I feel flattered that my ideas are deemed trustworthy by the people who I similarly cherish.