Holiday Inn Clark Staycation

While sunbathing in an isolated beach and experiencing another country's culture seem euphoric, such kind of trips call for rigorous planning. What if it's a Friday and you suddenly craved to be in a soothing environment? For spur-of-the-moment vacation cravings, a staycation will serve as your best friend.

A staycation is what I have in mind when I asked for Aujen's mom and brother to spend the weekend with us at Holiday Inn Clark strategically situated inside Mimosa Leisure Estate. It's such a tranquil estate filled with quaint Duty Free shops that sell rare and inexpensive goods. 

I love how homey our room is! The fusion of the mint green walls and soft muted lights is aesthetically pleasing. The sliding doors and windows also add to the cozy feel of the room. 

I hope you all had a relieving weekend!